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Cowboys Player Offers Students Valuable Advice During Weekly Visits


FISD | 11/6/2019

The eighth graders from Pearson Middle School had a lot of questions for Kavon Frazier, and the Cowboys safety patiently answered them all. He even encouraged them to ask more, leading him to talk about his best games, the best receivers he has defended and his favorite football memories.

But as the young football players sat in front of him in the Cowboys locker room at The Star, Frazier made clear what he wanted the students to remember.

“If you take one thing from this, it’s to take your education seriously,” he said. “In football, you might be one play away from never playing again, but nobody can ever take away your education.”

Frazier, who is now in his fourth year with the Cowboys, delivers the message each Friday to Frisco ISD students during the football season. He’s finishing up a second year of “Frazier Fridays,” in which a middle-school football team takes a tour of the Cowboys headquarters before a high school game at Ford Center, the 12,000-seat facility FISD shares with the Cowboys.

The students visit Cowboys offices, meeting rooms and practice fields and check out memorabilia from the team’s history. After that, they’re led to the Cowboys locker room, where they excitedly move from end to end, snapping photos as they sit in front of lockers of their favorite players.

“I thought it was really cool that we got to take a tour of the whole facility,” said Pearson eighth grader Ethan Leo. “This locker room is a lot bigger than ours.”

After the students are done taking photos, they gather around Frazier, who said he values the chance to talk with students. He proved that earlier this year after he suffered a torn pectoral in the Cowboys’ game against the New Orleans Saints. The injury ended his season and required surgery, but he didn’t miss the next Frazier Friday.

Frazier’s only Division I college football scholarship offer was from a small school, Central Michigan University, and he wasn’t selected by the Cowboys until the 212th pick of the 2016 NFL Draft. Not surprisingly, he tells students each week to expect challenges in their lives and to never give up on their dreams.

Dreams can also come true through education, he tells them, and he made education his priority in college. Despite the time requirements of football at Central Michigan, Frazier earned his bachelor’s degree in only three-and-a-half years. His discipline regarding education comes from his mom, who always put education first.

“When I was seven years old, I played in a league where if we didn’t get all pluses on our report card from the teachers that week, we couldn’t play on Saturday,” Frazier said. “That’s when I started to learn the importance of education.”

That lesson stuck with him, and he hopes it will stick with the students he meets each Friday.

“Whatever happens, nobody can take your education away,” he reminded the Pearson players before they left. “Really focus on that.”